The other Elizabeth in Foyle’s life didn’t fare so well either:

F: Elizabeth –
E: How are you, Christopher? I mean, are you happy?
F: Well, uh, we’re at war. And I do worry about Andrew.
E: I’m not happy. I’ve been married to Arthur for twenty years. It was our wedding anniversary a week ago. He’s been very kind to me. He’s a very kind man.

E: I was so sorry when I heard about Rosalind, really I was. I wanted to write. I tried, but all the time I kept thinking, after she died, um, maybe you and I…I hoped–
F: Shouldn’t be doing this. It was all far too long ago. It was all very different then.
E: Well, everything’s different now.
F: This is a mistake, Elizabeth.
E: No. I made the mistake years ago. I know that now. Can you forgive me?
F: There’s nothing to forgive. We were both very different people.

Elizabeth Lewes visits Foyle to declare her abiding love for him, but her hopes for a reconciliation are quickly crushed.

Interesting discussion of Foyle and Elizabeth’s relationship on the movie forum.


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  • pdx144

    Being turned down by MK after declaring your never dying love….can’t get much worse.

    Liked by 2 people

  • mohairmk

    She turned him down first. BIG mistake. HUGE. She couldn’t have done much worse. She should’ve said, “Sorry Dad, I love him and that’s that.” Not an easy thing to do in those days, go against your father; but better face that than a life of misery and regret.
    (hint Elizabeth: He’s got his principles, and stands by them. That’s not because he’s hard, it’s because he’s FOYLE.)

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