The QE discussion from November 2012 about Proof of Life cracks me up. My sentiments exactly.

Here’s Michael Kitchen with Russell Crowe and Taylor Hackford on the set of the film in London’s historic Leadenhall Market. Don’t know who the fourth man is, but he needs to move out of the way.


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  • pdx144

    I don’t think he looks ill. Thinner, maybe. Isn’t the man with the beard the director from FW? No one should ever stand in the way of MK’s camera shot!


    • kitchenfoyle

      Oops, just checked the QE thread and saw that there have been additions since 2012. I don’t think MK looks ill either. If you’re thinking of Stuart Orme, no, the bearded man is Taylor Hackford (Helen Mirren’s husband).


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