I sometimes wonder if there were any 90’s British crime/detective shows that did not have Michael Kitchen guest star as the lying smooth operator.  Here he’s the scheming and shifty fraudster, Russell Clark, matching wits with Inspector Morse in The Death of the Self (1992).  MK’s cold, squinting eyes, the raised eyebrow, and the clenched half-smile all suggest the falsity of his character’s persona.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Played somewhere between sly and wicked by Michael Kitchen (last seen as Prince Charles in “To Play the King”), the new-age guru pushes all of Morse’s buttons. You can feel Morse count to 10 whenever he’s in the man’s company.

Who’d have guessed then that Michael Kitchen would go on to star in the series selected to replace Inspector Morse, playing a character as determined to enforce the law as Clark was to skirt it.

Not being much of a fan of Inspector Morse, I like ThelmaLou’s comment posted on the straightdope.com board:


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