Foyle's War: The Eternity Ring: Michael Kitchen: closeup

Michael Kitchen as former DCS Christopher Foyle in Foyle’s War:The Eternity Ring along with some nice blog reviews of this episode:

From Andrew Levin’s blog, Taking the Short View:

He is a master of minimal acting: on screen he appears completely static and unmoving, a total enigma save for a brief twitch of an eye or a pursing of the lips. So desperate are we to know what’s going on in the character’s mind that these slimmest of hints are like manna from heaven, and Kitchen is incomparable in doling them out in the slyest way possible to keep us hanging on craving more. He steals scenes by doing nothing at all, and imparts even the silliest events with gravitas via the application of the smallest nod of his head.

From Daniel Tessler’s blog, Immaterial:

Michael Kitchen’s exemplary performance remains a masterclass in taciturn understatement…I do hope we find out a little more about what Foyle got up to in the States that upset the FBI so much though. What price a one-off special set in America?

Yes, we need a FW special set in America!  I can’t believe S8 is already coming to an end tonight.  Then who knows when MK will next grace our screens.  It can’t be too soon!


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