Both of you, back to Hastings, on the double!  Since the estimable and incorruptible former DCS Foyle is probably the only man capable of doing the much needed job of weeding out the bad elements in MI5, and he could very well derive a sense of satisfaction and purpose from this second career, I appreciate the plot device of moving the show to London.  Nevertheless, I’d rather see Foyle in a role that allows his lighter side to surface once in a while as in the previous series.  His work and surroundings in London can’t seem to offer that.  As for Sam, raising a family in Hastings would surely be preferable to London.

With all due respect to Anthony Horowitz, I think an episode written by members of the MK forum would be more to my taste.  🙂

dancesabove said:

Yeah, only we’d get rid of Adam.  ; ) —one of them MK forum writers…

And replace him with a better behaved Andrew?  I would go for that, but I’m sure that’s not what you have in mind.  ; )  I’m partial to the alternative Sunflower ending someone suggested in which a beautiful woman appears and gets into the back seat of the car with Foyle.  I would do a little dance if she were Barbara Hicks!


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