I’d put off watching Falling because I didn’t relish watching Michael Kitchen play yet another bad guy.  As it turned out, though, the nature of his role required him to be utterly charming throughout most of the movie, so MK was a joy to watch.  And then there was this riot of a scene in which Henry takes a break from his gentlemanly alter ego, and MK makes him look like a naughty schoolboy playing hooky.  I burst out laughing at MK’s lascivious expressions while flipping through what must be a real porn magazine. Just the incongruity of MK ogling “Asian Babes” is enough to make me giggle.

anonymous said:

MK looking at the Asian Babe magazine is one of my favourite scenes from Falling.His expressions are priceless, and always make me laugh out loud. You can tell he really enjoys those slightly comedic touches which he does so well. What an expressive face that Man has!

I would even go so far as to say it’s my favorite scene in Falling. MK really gets far too few opportunities to do comedy, which I agree he obviously enjoys. So as I’ve noted before, I’m really hoping that AH can bring back some lighter moments when he writes FWS9.  Even better would be another starring role for MK in a film along the lines of Reckless, Alibi, or Falling.


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