I love this scene showing the comfortable rapport between Foyle and Sam and how Foyle is not beyond having a bit of fun by making Sam squirm.  Michael Kitchen’s sly knowing expressions are hilarious as Sam sheepishly admits to Foyle why she barely made it in time to pick him up from the bus stop.  Every episode of Foyle’s War needs at least one scene like this between Foyle and Sam!

pdx144 said:

I loved these scenes with Sam and really missed them in the new series. I’m not too fond of the new independent Sam.

You and I seem to be on the same wavelength.  : )  Honeysuckle Weeks may have liked playing a more independent Sam in S8 that I suppose shows growth of the character, but IMO, the special relationship between Foyle and Sam that is essential to the show and was so much fun to watch in the earlier series has been compromised.

anonymous said:

Thank you for this scene of FW and the exciting news about more Foyle.

You’re welcome!  I’m glad to be able to share my enthusiasm for FW with other fans.


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