pdx144 said: 

I watched this again last night and I think the only reason they cast him was to have someone cute for the camera to pan to. He seems to spend the entire movie leaning against walls, furniture. He even leans “cute”. Ha!

Yes, I would agree that Michael Kitchen looks good from every angle and stance in The Russia House.

steviecat123 said:

Loving today’s rear view images. I can’t decide which is cuter the pert cheeks or the alluring nape of the neck.  I know I really shouldn’t objectify him but I just can’t help myself :)).

steviecat123 said:

Ooh ladies, I’m liking this vantage point ! :)) My copy of the film is in the post, way-hay! I think there may be some fast forwarding and rewinding happening when it gets here to take advantage of optimum cuteness.


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