And AH confirms that he has written in some love interest for Foyle in Series 9! Yea!

crazymaryt said:

No way! Wow.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?  Probably just a fleeting romance, but that works for me.

steviecat123 said:

Hot Damn! When do auditions start? I need an Equity card and an agent fast!

steviecat, you crack me up!

momacist said:

Barbara Hicks! Bring back Barbara! I bet she was a spy anyway, so it would fit just fine.

A spy, you think?  For the Germans?

momacist replied:

I think she was working for the British intelligence keeping an eye on the coast. She had a reason to move around the countryside and could go wherever she needed, maybe as a courier, too. German spies in Britain would never suspect her.

Interesting…  their meeting up again at MI5 would be neat.


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