Absolute Beginners: Michael Kitchen as Trotsky

Michael Kitchen played a very young Leon Trotsky in episode 6 of the 13-part BBC mini-series, Fall of Eagles (1974), about the ruling dynasties of Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Germany during their final decades leading up to World War I.  MK later portrayed Trotsky again in State of Revolution (1977), a stage production by Michael Bolt, .

steviecat123 said:

It would appear that MK was well cast in this role, as images of LT show him to have been a bit of a babe in his youth. However, I fear the moustache is dreadfully miscast. Whoever plonked that on Michael’s face went a little over the top and ought to have been taken out and severely beaten with a makeup brush. It is fortunate that I am able to see beyond the bird’s nest covering his darling philtrum and delight in the lovely youthful features. Thank you, comrade.

J, It seems that whatever I post, I can rely on you to supply entertaining commentary.  In the spirit of comradeship, I think I should start sharing ownership of this blog with you!


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