A video summarizing Foyle’s War Series 1-7 in less than 5 minutes. I also enjoyed a post on the blog, Blowing my Thought Wad, which gives a quick history of the show’s production from its genesis to its untimely cancellation in 2008.

pdx144 said:

Great reminder of how absolutely fantastic this series is. And then, of course, there is Michael Kitchen. FW was the first thing I saw him in and was mesmerized every minute he was on screen. I was a goner from then on.

Yes, I prefer this video to Inside Foyle’s War. I’m surprised you hadn’t seen MK in anything prior to FW. My introduction to MK was with the release of Out of Africa, followed by Enchanted April, Reckless, and Foyle’s War – all features I enjoyed immensely at the time without giving much thought to MK. For shame! It took a second viewing of FW last year before I started appreciating the actor.

pdx144 replied:

Well, I did actually. Out of Africa, but I’m ashamed to admit it, since my eyes were on Robert Redford. I was young and foolish. How did I know that years later, the “other guy” would obsess me. Of course, in retrospect, I should have known because he was absolutely adorable.

Young and foolish is a good way to describe my near obliviousness to MK upon my earlier exposure to his work.  I remember liking Berkeley Cole, but I too was overwhelmed by Robert Redford’s leading man status.  Same with Reckless – Robson Green had my attention back then, and now I’m just thinking, huh? 


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