Two decades after The Russia House, Michael Kitchen is still looking a little moody and a lot sexy working with British intelligence, this time in Foyle’s War S8 premiering tonight in the U.S.!

From a review by the A.V. Club:

… most of the credit for the character’s success really must go to Michael Kitchen, who consistently hits the right notes in the role. His interactions with his MI5 handlers consistently reveal a righteous indignation, but it’s only towards the end of the episode that he determines the specific reasons why his unwanted new bosses are so objectionable. His investigative and observational skills are on frequent display in “The Eternity Ring,” and Kitchen nicely underplays these moments. He is not driven by a compulsion to solve puzzles, again separating him from a Holmes or a Morse; solving mysteries is simply his job, and he’s damn good at it.

abjectadmirer said:

“hits the right notes in the role”? He IS the bloody role. (Whoops Shiraz)

Amen to that, Shiraz or no Shiraz.

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