Barrister and soon-to-be judge Steven Vey is too charming for his own good.

steviecat123 said:

My initial response to this gifset was a sharp intake of breath at the utter gorgeousness of Michael. But as I kept looking I could see the subtle signs of menace, by the last frame as MK looks Caroline Catz up and down I was quite discomfited. I went from desire to repulsion (if I use that word WRT to MK I remind myself he is acting) in a matter of seconds. That is a reflection on MK’s broad spectrum of acting skills.

I know – that last gif has distinct echoes of Roman in Chancer, a role he did so well that the writers of The Guilty wrote the part of Steven Vey just for him, according to this article. But at this point in the story, I wonder if he had seduction in mind.  When he arrives at her flat later, he does, after all, initially decline her invitation to join her for coffee inside.

bplutchak said:

I can’t help but think that if only our dear DCS Foyle had been around, that nasty Mr. Vey would certainly have gotten what he deserved.

The MK fan in me is kind of glad his character got away with it.

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