pdx144 said:

Did you do that? Beautiful. Loved that shot before, this makes it really great.

Yes, felt like putting an artistic slant on that gorgeous photo of him.

abjectadmirer said:  T-shirt!

Concert tour merchandise?  : )

steviecat123 said:

I would like to place my order of three please. One to wear, one in the wash and one for spare, just like the nuns habit or is it the wimple? Cough… Splutter… Whatever, I want to shout my love loud and proud. Amazing talent! Even in all it’s simplicity you have captured his stunning eyes so well. :))

You are too funny, J.

anonymous said: Very impressive artwork. I love the result.

anonymous said: I just saw the portrait You are a real artist!

I dabble every once in a while.

Thanks to all for your kind comments.


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