Foyle contemplates his future.  What will Series 9 bring?

abjectadmirer said:

Already sorted out in the FW fandom (MK Forum q.v.). But then of course there’s canon.

Not a member, so haven’t read.  I’m afraid I’m not interested in straying too far from canon, especially where the relationship between Foyle and Sam is concerned.

abjectadmirer said:

That’s okay. It’s just I remembered your last post of this sequence.

Yes, I was referring then to the discussion on the MK forum about Foyle returning to Hastings and starting a private detective business with Sam and Andrew assisting.  I would be all for that, but after reading MK’s recent interview, I suppose that’s the last thing he would want.

pdx144 said:

I agree about not straying too far. A relationship for CF would be okay, even if it’s just the return of James. Just don’t see the CF/Sam relationship at all. Why doesn’t fanfic write those stories?

The relationship between James and CF does seem rife with possibilities.  Browsing the summaries on, I recall seeing only a few FW related works that didn’t focus on the CF/Sam ship.

abjectadmirer said: 

Here’s one such –

That’s new since I last looked.  Will definitely check it out.  Thanks.

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