Dashing Berkeley Cole to the rescue.  His efforts are for nought, however, as Karen Blixen ignores his pleas and resumes her dangerous expedition to bring supplies to her husband.

(If you’re a fan of MK’s Berkeley Cole and haven’t read “I Promise” by dancesabove, I’d recommend it.  M-rated, alas, but a beautifully written story that fleshes out every nuance of the Berkeley and Karen we see in the film.)

pdx144 said:

And I was looking at Robert Redford throughout. What was I thinking!

Perfectly understandable.  RR was a gorgeous superstar then, and like MK in his later 40’s, he still had ample power to seduce.

steviecat123 said:

Oh Lordy! Have this man washed and sent to my tent. Actually, don’t bother I’ll take him Hot, Sweaty and Grubby and lick him clean. :p


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