Rosalind Foyle, beloved wife of Christopher

A tricky subject for writers of Foyle’s War fan fiction.

Foyle’s War presents us with a real timeline dilemma concerning Rosalind and Andrew. The dates on Rosalind Foyle’s gravestone—June 1902–February 1932—are problematic. Canon has Andrew stating that he was eight when his mother died. Given that he is already at university in 1940 (The German Woman S1E1) when he joins the RAF, and clearly not a sixteen-year-old, we first must challenge and discard that notion. His father variously describes him as 23 and 22 before 1941.

If Andrew was born in 1918 and his mother in 1902, the evidence points to Rosalind as a sixteen-year-old bride—perhaps even a fifteen-year-old one!

So. How much of a cradle-snatcher is Christopher Foyle?

Nocturnefauré does not shirk the task of exonerating Foyle in Chapter 7 of Where to, Sir?

Read the full story here: 


or dip into Chapter 7 for just the Rosalind angle: 



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