How come I never stumble across this kind of vision of loveliness on the Edinburgh sleeper? :o(


Indeed… the magnetism of the man! Frau Messner has him in her sights from their first scene together. Whatever would have happened, had he ditched his work and travelled to Vienna? If I had the necessary pictorial skills, I would do you a montage of all the looks between them. Anybody care to pick that up? 


Caught on a Train – Human 

It seems that in the MK fandom, there are fairy-godmothers after all.

Sincerest thanks to KitchenFoyle (semi-retired) for responding to my plea, with this soulful video based on Poliakoff’s haunting play.

Happened to be listening to “Human” when your call came down the line, abjectadmirer, and just couldn’t resist answering…

anonymous said:

Utterly divine new video. I have been secretly hoping for a Caught on a Train composition for some while now. You must have heard my prayers. You have caught Michael’s fantastic range of expressions, different emotions and the progression of the strangely beautiful, sometimes unsettling relationship between Frau messenger and Peter. The best of The Best in my opinion. Again, thank you.

KT said:

So glad you answered Abjectadmirer’s call, KF.

I wondered if there is a connection between Puppet on a String (the music playing on the radio that Frau Messner orders turned off as she’s going to sleep) and your choice of Human as the music for this video. The chorus “Are we human or are we dancer?” (can’t stand that missing “s”) brings an image of mindless beings moving to someone (or something) else’s direction, much like puppets on a string.

I’m afraid I’d never heard of Puppet on a String until reading your comment on QE. Human is just a song I adore (first song I learned to play on the piano when I picked it up again a few years ago), and when I saw abjectadmirer’s post, something immediately clicked.  How neat that Human mirrors some of the sentiments of a song played in the movie.  Thanks so much for letting me know, KT.


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