Any French literate Foyle’s War fans interested in contributing to S9?


Merde! Je m’y postule tout-de-suite! 

Nah. Seriously, this is a job for a French native-speaker. Althouuuuugh why should I be so fussy on their behalf? BIG BONE to pick with Series 8 over the sequence of spoken Polish between Hoffmann and Tomasz in The Eternity Ring.  A few of us on QE were wondering what was said, since the subtitles were sorely lackin’

Turns out one bloke was speaking semi-gobbledygook.  We fetched in two Poles and the best they could make out was:

Voice 1 (Accent is dire, cannot make it out): Situation
Voice 2 (Polish): Thank you for helping

Haha, I do recall that discussion on QE and being once again amazed by the details viewers notice in the show.


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