Romeo and Juliet, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1986/87

Michael Kitchen as Mercutio dances with his partner at the ball before they both end up in the hot tub.

Mel Gussow of The New York Times wrote:

And from actor Antony Byrne in The Northern Echo:

I also remember going to Newcastle Theatre Royal and seeing Romeo and Juliet with Michael Kitchen as Mercutio and it was a Michael Bogdanov production and the company brought a Ferrari on stage. Kitchen was playing an electric guitar and he jumped off a balcony into a swimming pool. You look at that and think, ‘I’ll have a little bit of that please’.

“Adults hated this show. Adolescents –… [who] packed the galleries, unable to afford ticket prices in the RST’s stalls — loved it.” – A Companion to Shakespeare and Performance, p. 342

More detailed notes on the production in Shakespeare in Production: Romeo and Juliet.


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