Michael Kitchen, Nigel Lindsay, and John Mahoney looking good on the set of FW S9.

The photo was probably taken inside Dorfold Hall:

Some highlights from a Front Row Features interview with John Mahoney when High Castle premiered in early 2015:

Q: Were you familiar with the series before you got the part?

Mahoney: I’ve been a fan right from the start. Michael Kitchen and I were in a movie together called “The Russia House.” We spent quite a bit of time together on location in Vancouver. That’s how I first started watching it—to see Michael’s show.

Q: When did you shoot this?

Mahoney: About a year ago. I remember it was absolutely freezing, just like it is here now. I remember huddling in the trailer trying to get warm. (He chuckles.)

Q: Did you shoot your scenes at the studio or on location?

Mahoney: We were on location at this gorgeous home. It was almost a mini-castle in Liverpool.

Q: You don’t have any scenes with Michael in this, but did you get a chance to hang out with him off the set?

Mahoney: No. He’s not that kind of guy. He doesn’t hang out. But he is extremely welcoming and friendly, and that’s what he did. On my first day of work, he wasn’t scheduled to work but he was there and he welcomed me. We reminisced a little bit about our time together in Vancouver. He’s not a man for tons of nostalgia or anything like that. He just gets the job done.


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