“Saint Michael no more. Michael Kitchen, a violent philanderer? Unlikely, but he does it chillingly in Falling.”

Excerpts from possibly my favorite review of Falling:

With that sweet Bagpuss face, wide-eyed and gently rumpled, Michael Kitchen is so trustworthy I can’t think of another actor who could have made the bad guy conman in Andrew Davies’s adaptation of Elizabeth Jane Howard’s novel Falling anywhere near as compelling.

A forelock-tugger by birth, Kent had been raised in the grounds of a stately home where, as a young gardener, he had his Mellors moments with the daughter of the house and gained access to an impressive library of books, which, in turn, gave him a taste for posh totty and literature, and ideas above his station. The morning after the horny-handed cad had his way with her, Langrish looked like a cat-in-kitten-heels, which meant that Kent was, clearly, also a demon in the sack.

Kathryn Flett, The Observer

anonymous said:

What a great review of Falling, KF. I snorted with laughter when MK’s beautiful face was compared with that battered, old, pink and white striped cat but, on reflection, it’s surprisingly apt.

Thanks so much for pointing this out.  The resemblance is uncanny.  I’m happy you found the review as well-written and entertaining as I did.


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