The Professionals: Michael KitchenFoyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen

Came across a wonderful blog post about Michael Kitchen and Foyle’s War by azdak on livejournal based on her viewing of the first seven series of the show. She makes some interesting points about the show’s plots and character development, and while I agree that the later episodes weren’t as outstanding as the earlier series, I primarily blame the unforgivable premature cancellation of the show that forced Anthony Horowitz to move up the timeline.  I loved the blogger’s thoughts on Michael Kitchen — how she compares watching Foyle’s War to the passionate consummation of a long held schoolgirl crush “and finding that he’s just as wonderful as you always thought he was”. Her description of those traits of MK’s Foyle that make him such a beloved character is perfection. 

The 1979 BBC version of The Long and the Short and the Tall in which MK’s acting was so riveting was apparently part of the UK educational curriculum at the time.  That’s one assignment I wouldn’t have minded completing.


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