Favorite words to see in opening credits, especially when accompanied by a clip of Michael Kitchen flashing a smile.

The Guardian noted though:

Could it be that whoever dreamed up the opening titles and commissioned the theme music for A&E (ITV1) might possibly have been under the influence of ER? The initials of the department flashing green in the middle of the screen; a soundtrack to suggest the frenetic nature of the department (urgent piano, dramatic drums and the hint of sirens); the actors’ names in lower case: it does all sound rather familiar, doesn’t it? In fact, all that’s missing from this homage/rip-off is Michael Kitchen performing a Benton-esque karate chop.

Grinning at the thought of MK doing Benton’s karate chop (at 00:52 in this video of ER‘s opening credits). Here’s MK chopping away wildly in Dirty Old Town: 🙂

Dirty Old Town: Michael Kitchen: karate chop 1Dirty Old Town: Michael Kitchen: karate chop 2


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