An offensive question from the odious Guy Spencer, leader of the pro-Nazi Friday Club, receives the response it deserves from Foyle — the silent treatment, Michael Kitchen’s specialty.

Thanks, pdx144, for the link to Hollywood Journal’s excellent review of Foyle’s War and Michael Kitchen’s acting:

In 1940, with England braced for a Nazi invasion, Foyle tangles with a charismatic Nazi sympathizer… When Foyle investigates a murder which he may be involved with, the Nazi sympathizer asks Foyle if by chance, he is Jewish. The look Foyle gives him is what defines Michael Kitchen as an actor. No dialogue, just the look. Disgust, anger, outrage — written on Mr. Kitchen’s face. But something else as well — a refusal to allow the Nazi to unnerve him, and a confidence that eventually Foyle will nail him.

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