Mr. Kitchen is possibly the eighth wonder of the world. Never flashy … but nevertheless the center of every frame in which he appears.hikari

From John Powers’s review of Foyle’s War on NPR:

What makes the whole thing irresistible is Michael Kitchen’s enthralling performance as Foyle, who, in his reticence, sly humor and triumphant decency, is our fantasy of the ideal Englishman.


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  • Angela Bali

    Love at first sight. Amen to that. With his sensuous facial expressions and subtle acting style, Michael touches one’s heart with maximum power. His Christopher Foyle is the finest acting I have ever experienced, and leaves one believing that, surely, this character is imbued with the finest qualities of Michael Kitchen himself. The Directors of Foyle’s War also deserve bouquets – finally illuminating Michael’s stellar acting qualities not revealed in past films.

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  • Anonymous

    Absolutely fantastic. Great site, i’m a FW fan too.


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