My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

11. Henry Kent in Falling (2005)

Creepy character, but except for the last 20 minutes when his true nature is revealed to Daisy, the conman as played by MK is actually quite the charmer and extremely entertaining to watch.


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  • LB

    I finally broke down and bought the DVD Falling. It was never going to be available from Netflex so I spent 38.00 ++ for a used copy.
    It was a bit jolting, especially the scene where he hits her. You must remember, my first introduction to MK was as Christopher Foyle, and to say that the Kent character is the antithesis of Mr. Foyle would be stating the obvious. He plays scumbag really well, no surprise there, is he ever not great.
    I do have one complaint, where were the love scenes??? I mean, there were several references to his above average sexual abilities. Lots of promises but no delivery, not fair.
    I’ve noticed that about his roles, and wondered if there is a reason for this. Does he have some sort of moral code that keeps him from showing us that side of him? We saw plenty of lusty scenes with his wife and her lover in Reckless [ big yawn ] and I was waiting for the same with MK’s character, but didn’t get it.
    Well it’s not too late. Will somebody please give him a script that calls for some sloppy, wet kisses. Even at 66 that would be extremely hot.


    • kitchenfoyle

      Between his no-publicity rule and his avoidance of love scenes, MK doesn’t make it easy on his fans. I agree, not fair at all. Imagination and creativity are required, which fortunately, MK’s fans possess in spades. For sloppy, wet kisses – and more, you might check out the large body of MK fan fiction out there, if you haven’t already.


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