From my weekend reading.  First it’s “awkward”, now it’s “not the easiest”. Don’t know how much of the above is exaggeration, but it sure grabbed my attention.  Michael Kitchen (playing another jealous kidnapper) on the verge of storming off a set?  This is a rather more irreverent take than what I’ve come to expect from those who have worked with MK.  The excerpt is from the book, Him & Me, an amusing collection of anecdotes coauthored by comedian Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael Whitehall, who produced LWT’s comedy drama series, The Good Guys, in the early 90’s.  MK appeared in the episode, Old School Ties, and apparently didn’t appreciate having to deal with his young costar’s lack of professionalism.  Perhaps he was annoyed because it was preventing him from returning home sooner to his own own four-year-old Jack.

If Mr. Whitehall’s suspicion is correct, it’s certainly not evident on screen, as some of MK’s most affecting scenes have been with children, and horse riding aside, he’s shared a few pretty memorable albeit brief moments with live animals — the Longhorns in Love Song, the geese in Dandelion Dead:

and, of course, the adorable Westie that his character didn’t find adorable at all in Mobile:

(Is it acting or is it real?)

As for Foyle’s War, there were the couple of dairy cows.  Didn’t cramp MK’s style at all as far as I can tell:

Given MK’s experience with Jack Whitehall, though, I do wonder now whether Foyle’s little chat with Jimmie was another one of MK’s brilliant ideas:

(Interesting that Anthony Horowitz is included in the book’s acknowledgements.)


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