Lots of screen time for Michael Kitchen as John Farrow in the first episode of Brian Pern: A Life in Rock and…

From The Guardian (blog):

Outside of Day, who hasn’t been this good in at least a decade, Brian Pern has an incredible cast. The opening episode starred Paul Whitehouse and Havers as the former members of Thotch, Martin Freeman and Jack Whitehall as fictional stage versions of Thotch, Kathy Burke as herself and – best of all – Michael Kitchen as Pern’s manager. Kitchen is an absolute revelation here; delivering endless, breathtakingly profane run-on insults to everyone in sight that miraculously manage to continue long after the conversation has ended.  

One reader of the article commented:

Glad Michael Kitchen is getting his long-deserved credit for being brilliant at comedy too. I saw him at the National Theatre where he literally stopped the show for 3 minutes as the audience were laughing so much–funniest performance I’ve ever seen!


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