Honeysuckle Weeks talks MK again in the Gloucestershire Echo:

The actress has struck up a firm friendship with Kitchen, a very private star who rarely gives interviews.

“He’s not dissimilar to Foyle, although he’s more into rock ‘n’ roll”, she says of the Out Of Africa actor.

“He’s quite into his music scene, Michael, and also he’s quite a comedian. You wouldn’t think that, would you? He’s a concert pianist as well. And a bit of an ace on the tennis court, too.”

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  • LB

    WOW, judging by the trailer, it looks better than ever. I loved Miss weeks comments. Maybe I’m reading too much into what she said [ MK’s fans are like baby birds at feeding time when it comes to our favorite subject ] about keeping his mystique. To me that says that he sees himself as a regular person who happens to have an enormous talent. And if the early 90’s interview is any indication, I think he must be shy, he seemed very uncomfortable in that interview.


    • kitchenfoyle

      Doing publicity and cheerfully answering the same questions over and over must be one of the most unpleasant duties for any established actor. And if you’re the least bit shy and don’t relish talking about yourself or your “craft”, I imagine being interviewed is pure agony, an experience that Michael Kitchen apparently decided isn’t worth enduring regardless of any cost to his career (or his fanbase).


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