What would Foyle do?

The quality of mercy is not strain’d,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.
It is twice blessed:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
The Merchant of Venice


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  • Kivrin

    I was watching a stuttering streaming version – was there any explanation of why he brought Dr. Addis with him when he went to see the widow?


    • kitchenfoyle

      I was wondering the same. Thought maybe I’d missed something in the plot, which wouldn’t be surprising as it didn’t exactly grab my undivided attention.


      • Kivrin

        All that history needs more Foyle to hold it all together (and I say that as someone who LIKES history!)

        I’ll probably watch the episode again sometime this week (in somewhat higher quality, I hope) and I’ll report if I find out anything.

        On a completely different topic, I’ve written a couple short pieces of fic (one pre-series with Foyle, Andrew, and Carlo & Tony Lucciano and one set during “Eagle Day” with Sam and her father) – they’re linked at this post if you’re interested:

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      • kitchenfoyle

        The history lesson in each episode of Foyle’s War has always been one of the main draws for me, but in High Castle, I thought the storytelling was rather clumsy and obvious without the benefit of enough MK/Foyle to make up for it. Probably didn’t help that this was the first time I’ve watched FW with commercials. Thanks for the link to your new fanfic.

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  • mohairmk

    Agree about too much history. Historic accuracy has always been a high light to Foyle’s War, but it was not the main and seemingly only theme of an episode. Previously history was woven in an intricate tapestry with human interests, personal character interplay, and mystery. There was more Sam than Foyle! Miss that personal interplay…Foyle was left without a chance to be ‘human’, other than letting the widow keep the diamonds. I also wondered why the Dr. Addis character came with Foyle, since she didn’t have a part in the scene, except in the car. Perhaps there is so much Anthony Horowitz wants to say in these last episodes of Foyle, that he overplayed the History a bit…

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