With this frigid February drawing to a close, I’m hoping soon to be doing a lot less of this:


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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, what’s that all about? There seem to a lot of scenes with him dealing with clothing, a coat, a scarf. his tie and of course his hat. Is this some sort of trademark?

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  • mohairmk

    Let’s face it, we notice EVERYTHING MK does! How a man can make putting on a coat look so classic is amazing. He uses it almost as a punctuation mark in a scene! Off screen, The Man just may be cold!

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  • pdx144

    Just rewatched Trespass. He had the coat on through the entire episode. I think he’s cold and probably has it written into his contract!

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  • Anonymous

    I’m sure everything he does is calculated with precision. He knows full well the lines that are created with the coat. how it bellows out and sways when shot from behind, not to mention that it adds height, especially in the long shots.
    The man is a genius, he knows how desperate we all are to catch any bone he cares to throw at us, even if it is just him straightening his tie.

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    • kitchenfoyle

      Some fans have expressed a dislike for the coat, but as you so vividly convey, the coat adds tremendously to the heroic and charismatic qualities of Foyle, besides serving the more essential purpose of keeping MK warm during the often freezing cold shoots.

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