If I got to work with Michael Kitchen, I’d want to include his name on my CV, too, but here the end result is rather amusing.


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  • Anonymous

    MK’s portrayal of Henry Kent was brilliant because regardless of how charming, attentive, nurturing and sexy he had been, when his true colors were revealed, there was nothing but distain to be felt towards him. This is very different than the other caddish roles I’ve seen him in. In The Guilty his character is pretty despicable, but MK was able to finesse fear, remorse and guilt into the character so subtly that you end up pulling for him. And all can be forgiven of Dr. Crane, because, well look how cute he was. That scene in Falling, when he comes crawling back is quite amazing. He pulls out all the stops, begs for forgiveness, blames his traumatic childhood for his behavior, and even tries to seduce her. And the viewer is as unmoved by his bag of tricks as Daisy is. And then finally we see the rage again. When he says, eyes flashing,”you know I could really hurt you, don’t you”, it was chilling. Bravo Mr. Kitchen. LB

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  • Anonymous

    I think the viewer is unmoved precisely because the transformation from charming (beginning of the movie) to nasty (he hits her) was so jarring and complete. Even though I knew it was coming, it was still jarring. There was no going back from that place.

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