Dykket: Michael Kitchen playing cards 2
Dykket: Michael Kitchen shaking handsDykket: Michael Kitchen exiting capsule
Dykket: Michael Kitchen running up stairs 1Dykket: Michael Kitchen running up stairs 2
Dykket: Michael Kitchen winkingI don’t think I’ve ever seen Michael Kitchen as boyishly playful and cheerful as he is at the beginning of the Norwegian film, Dykket (1989), in which he plays deep sea diver, Bricks. He even wants to raise dolphins after his final dive. Somewhat infeasible maybe, but how cute is that? Unfortunately, things soon turn deadly serious for Bricks and his fellow divers, Gunnar and Rolf, when the solely profit-minded oil company that employs them pressures them to do a dive that goes terribly wrong.

(Good thing MK has his sea legs given the rough seas evident in some of the scenes.) 

Dykket: Michael Kitchen smiling with earphones

Dykket: Michael Kitchen smiling


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