Foyle's War: Elise: Michael Kitchen: final scene 1
Foyle's War: Elise: Michael Kitchen: final scene 3

Foyle's War: Elise: Michael Kitchen: final scene 7
Foyle's War: Elise: Michael Kitchen: final scene 8

Goodbye, Mr. Foyle.

KT said:

John Donne said, “No man is an island, entire of itself.” but, I’d argue, that Foyle comes as close to proving him wrong as any fictional character and MK played that perfectly.

This is inspired. Thank you for sharing, KT. In light of your comment, I particularly got a kick out of this New Yorker cartoon. β†’

Mary McNamara of the LA Times makes “a case for an Emmy (or more) for Foyle’s War:

Created and written almost entirely by bestselling novelist Anthony Horowitz, “Foyle’s War” is the Mona Lisa of television: small, quiet, utterly hypnotic and mysteriously perfect.

A small and often silent man, as kind as he is morally rigorous, Foyle stands guard over basic humanity as the whirlwind of war and modernity threatens to uproot the good with the bad. Year after year, he has been brought to vivid vibrant life by Kitchen, an actor of rare and controlled brilliance. Each season, he gave the performance of a hundred lifetimes while appearing to do little more than shrug off his coat, bite his lip and refuse endless offers of tea.

…the final episode of the series, “Elise,” is what the American-based Acorn TV, which has co-produced the series since its return, will submit in all the relevant television movie categories β€” some of which it better win, despite the low-key nature of its radiance and, perhaps more significant, the famous long-standing refusal of its leading man to do any publicity.

Neither should matter at all if the awards are truly about excellence.

Kivrin has written a lovely Foyle vignette that picks up after this final scene.


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  • pdx144

    Not quite sure what that face meant. Guess I blinked during the “gentle romance”. Sad to say goodbye to these wonderful charactors, especially CF/MK. Thanks for all your great gifs.

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    • kitchenfoyle

      We must have blinked at the same time. I don’t see Foyle with her anyway, so I’m fine with him walking away. I’d love to see a reunion special that brings back all the wonderful characters who have come and gone throughout the course of the show.

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      • mohairmk

        Thank you for this post. I think the gentle romance was wishful thinking with people. If Foyle’s War runs true to form, there will be no romance for CF. And I’m with you! A reunion special would be perfect! The characters that are still alive, reminiscing about those gone, through flashbacks, maybe? Most of all, I’d like to see ‘godfather’ Foyle with Sam’s baby on his knee!

        I’ll miss you, Mr. Foyle, and I’ll never forget you.

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  • kivrin

    A flicker of interest, perhaps… it’s hard to evaluate things like him going to her when his place (whatever and wherever that is) is likely being watched since we have no idea what his outside-work life is at this point. Does he not have anyone else? Is the university the most conveniently located? Is he more willing to potentially endanger her than Andrew or Cmdr. Howard, or does the group setting of UCL dilute the risk? Or did he really trust her a lot?

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  • Anonymous

    So nice to see you back online. I followed your blog on tumblr and was so disappointed when that was discontinued. But I’m very, very pleased that I discovered this site. You do great work and I am very appreciate of it.

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  • Anonymous

    Shoot! I just reread the comment I wrote….sorry ’bout the grammatical error… It should really say, “You do great work and I am very APPRECIATIVE of it.” Damn auto-correct!! πŸ™‚

    Seriously though….thanks for all your work in maintaining this blog. Your posts are always exceptional and very polished.

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  • Carola Moebius-Becker

    I am so thrilled to find this site as I have been a long time MK fan, way before FW…he is quite unique. I shall miss seeing Mr. Kitchen in this remarkable series and hope he will be involved in future productions of this caliber. Seeing this last bit with his enigmatic smile at the end…I wonder how long it took to get that just right? Knowing him, I bet it was a one take scene.

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    • mohairmk

      MK will be missed as Christopher Foyle, what a lovely character he created. And about his last look…you’re probably right…he is a consummate professional and can control his facial expressions like no one else! He’d be a “one-take-and-I’m-done” actor if there ever was one!

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  • Jean Schalit

    So happy to be here!


  • Jemma Morgan

    I have become an avid follower of kitchenfoyle! The quality and enormous acting talent of MK is missing in the US.
    I adore your youtube productions for Michael Kitchen and view them often. I am suffering let down from the end of Foyle’s War. Is “Collection” the only production to look forward? I cannot understand why he is not cast in major films, Out of Africa not withstanding. A superior looking man. More, please.

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    • kitchenfoyle

      Thank you for your kind note. I’m delighted to know you enjoy visiting KF and viewing my videos. I wish I could post more often about something “new” with regard to MK, but sadly, the dry spells between his professional projects are getting longer. As far as I know, The Collection is his only new project, and since he’s barely been noted in the publicity and reviews, I suspect his role in the show isn’t large enough to give MK fans much satisfaction. Like you, I’d love to see more of him and his superior acting skills, but for whatever reason, neither the stage nor the screen seems to be a draw for him these days. 😦

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