During his meeting with Asst. Commissioner Summers, Foyle is the picture of politeness even though he knows full well why his request for a transfer has finally been granted. Only when Summers gives him an ultimatum does Foyle deliver the smoking gun with an ice cold stare of utter contempt. Such a powerful and memorable scene. Maybe The German Woman would have been better Emmy material. Or maybe not, as the reviews compiled by the Guardian after the premiere of Foyle’s War back in 2002 were suprisingly mixed. And the show received only a brief mention in the NY Times when it first aired in the US:

Foyle’s War brings together the three best things about England: murder mysteries, World War II and class resentment. Or, to put it more succinctly: the series also stars Edward Fox.

Among the television audience, though, “Foyle’s War was virtually an immediate hit. While most newspaper TV critics found the first episode slow and cliched, by the second episode opinion was shifting, and by the third they had caught up with the audience in praising it as one of the best pieces of ITV drama since Inspector Morse…” (Reconstructing the Past: History in the Mass Media 1890 – 2005)


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  • pdx144

    Forgot those not so great reviews. Amazing that it got to Series 2. I fell in love with Michael Kitchen in this episode, and so the obsession began. Mmmmm, was Edward Fox in it???


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