Handsome cover art for Foyle’s War DVD box sets from Acorn Media

Read a lengthy, in-depth, glowing review of Foyle’s War and the DVD sets at From the Archive: A British Television Blog: Michael Kitchen.

The review from Huffington Post, though, sums up the show better for me:

I’m delighted that Foyle’s War is out in a new, compact set collecting the entire run of this series. Now in retrospect, I can see it started out at a peak, and then slowly but inexorably declined. That doesn’t detract from the accomplishment of Michael Kitchen as the tight-lipped but marvelously expressive and eagle-eyed Foyle…For two or three years, it was the best show on TV. The quality dipped and by the end was almost distressingly low. (Sam was stuck in the same role by the end as she was at the beginning. Milner disappeared. The son went away.) Oh well. Rather than worrying about what might have been, it’s still a show with a great deal to savor.

Well, Sam did evolve, but not in a good way.


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