Would have been nice to have Hugh around beyond the first series. Speaking at the WSW London Equity Branch Meeting on December 3, 2015, Michael Simkins brought up Michael Kitchen during the Q&A:

I know that Michael Kitchen has his [nemesis] – he’s frustrated because he doesn’t get enough film parts.

As a fan, I certainly share his frustration. It would be great if he were offered not just more film parts but more substantial ones, too.

A Radio Times (Jan. 1, 1980) interview with Ian Holm recounted the actor’s difficulty in finding work after he left the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1967:

The world outside [the RSC] turned out to to be full of American film directors who took one look at him and said, “Sure, he’s a great little actor, but a bit on the short side, y’know?” None of his film roles gave him great scope…

Makes me wonder if Michael Kitchen faced similar obstacles.

(I had no idea what a talented writer Michael Simkins is. The weekly column he wrote for The Guardian around the time he was doing Foyle’s War is illuminating and often hilarious.)


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