Another of Michael Kitchen’s on-screen marriages goes kaput, with childlessness once again blamed as a contributing factor. Steven, Sarah, Richard, Anna, Greg, and Linda might have come to better terms with their situation if they’d read this article. Oh well, on the bright side, divorce means no longer having to live with your wife’s decorating tastes:


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  • Cheryl Kirkus

    I always thought that Sarah trapped him with that story. Then when she found out that she had to cook for him – total shock!

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  • Cheryl Kirkus

    Who knows what Stephen was thinking marrying a woman with two little kids. Here’s a thought – Climbing the social ladder as her father was quite important and him coming from the bottom, in his mind this was a coup and he was close to having it all. Then all at once Stephen’s blood supply stopped going to his brain but in the other direction? (Robin Williams quote)

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