Alice reveals her disorder to Dr. Adams.

From Tony Purnell’s review in The Mirror:

Shrinks must hear some amazing things from disturbed patients, but the confession in last night’s bizarre thriller Wilderness (ITV) was a howler. “I turn into a wolf. Once a month. When it’s full moon,” revealed university librarian Alice, played by Amanda Ooms. Her psychotherapist had difficulty keeping a straight face and so did I. Especially as the woman insisted she meant it literally – fur, teeth, tail, the lot. “You think I must be mentally disturbed,” she said. To be quite honest I had her down as absolutely barking but her doc, played with remarkable restraint by Michael Kitchen, seemed to think there might be something in what she said.

If you can put reality on hold and ignore the corny bits Wilderness is a very watchable chiller. The transformation scenes are cleverly filmed and the wolf was the real thing – a nine-year-old called Anya, who was recruited from an animal welfare organisation. I am intrigued to find out where it will end. It is obvious desperately-in-love Dan the penguin man will make Alice give up her one-night stands. And discover the naked truth about her funny turns. Her analyst already got wind of her dark secret when she gave him a demonstration of her heightened senses. She not only told him what kind of sandwiches he’d had for lunch but also what was stirring in the nether regions of his pin-striped suit whenever she gazed into his eyes.

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