Luther’s the one who needs to be hosed down, Cheryl. 🙂

From Thomas Sutcliffe’s review in the Independent:

As the psychotherapist, Michael Kitchen delivers a wonderful picture of constrained arousal – half sex and half ambition. This delivers both comedy – as in the scene in which he tries to reconcile his incredulity with the professional etiquette of not repudiating the client – and something a bit breathier, as when he fastidiously refuses to give Alice a physical examination, forcing her to demonstrate her wolfishly heightened sense of smell by telling him exactly what he had for lunch and pointing out that he’s becoming sexually excited.

Kitchen’s character is doomed, I would guess, academic rationalisation being a capital offence in werewolf stories, but he helps considerably while he survives.


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  • Cheryl Kirkus

    Good one, kitchenfoyle but ruin that expensive suit, no way, Jose. . . 

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  • Cheryl Kirkus

    Just thinking that maybe Dr. Niles Crane and his British wife Daphne should move across the pond and go into practice with Dr. Adams, well that’s if he’s out of the loony farm. According to wiki, Niles had studied for a year at the University of Cambridge; unlike his brother Fraser who is Freudian, he is Jungian and authority on clinical psychosis. Thinking their discussions would be quite a hoot when Luther reminisces about his friendship with Freud in his other lifetime. 

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