Foyle's War: The Funk Hole: Michael Kitchen mouth shrug

Foyle, the master of brevity, knows when he’s said enough to bring the guilty party to his knees.

And Michael Kitchen knows how to use his incomparable mouth shrug and eyes to maximum effect.


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  • KC

    Perfect capture of Foyle’s character and Kitchen’s acting.

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  • Anonymous

    Such a great site! Thank you.
    As much as I love MK and FW I think it’s only me who doesn’t like post-war MI6 episodes.
    The rest is brilliant and I’ll be missing the show anyway.

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    • kitchenfoyle

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m not at all a fan of the last two series of FW either, so you’re not alone. The disappointing final episodes made saying goodbye to the show a little easier for me, but how I wish MK had a comparable starring role to take the place of Foyle.


      • Laura

        I even thought about Foyle in 21st century crime series. Although more vintage roles fit MK, that one would be absolutely fantastic 🙂
        And yeah I laughed my head off at the DVD extras from Brian Pern too, thanks for the reminder from a previous post.


      • kitchenfoyle

        I can’t see MK being persuaded to star in another crime series based on what he said about becoming a TV detective in that AP interview. A Brian Pern spin-off with John Farrow would be fun (actually just release all the JF outtakes and I’d be happy), but a show that lets MK show both a serious and light side would be the dream. Here’s hoping someone comes up with a perfect role that he can’t refuse.


  • Laura

    And I forgot: MK will appear in the new BBC period drama The Collection. I’ll watch the whole series just to see him 😀


    • Shannon

      I still remember my first look at MK…in a theater watching Out of Africa. As far as I was concerned, he was the star of the show. His co-star RR could not hold a candle to the handsome MK.


      • kitchenfoyle

        Count yourself among the discerning ones. While the character of Berkeley Cole certainly made an impression on me, it didn’t translate at the time into an interest in the actor playing him.


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