Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle by Robert Pereira Hind


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  • Anonymous

    wonderful picture. do you know what role this is from?

    on a different not, for some reason, I haven’t been getting the updates. I think they stopped in June..do I need to do anything? I really appreciate all your work and want to be sure I don’t miss anything.



    • kitchenfoyle

      I believe it’s from The White Feather. Here’s another publicity photo from that episode:

      Glad to know you enjoy KF. I love working on it and paying tribute to all things Michael Kitchen, but when I made the move to WordPress, KF became less a blog as opposed to an online scrapbook, maintained for my own enjoyment, that a few other MK fans might find amusing to peruse once in a while. As such, I spend at least as much time editing archived posts as I do creating new posts, so the email notifications never really reflected all updates to the site. For this reason and my preference not to have posts viewed only in email format, I decided to disable the notifications.


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