A 48-gif birthday salute to Michael Kitchen and one of the highlights of his career, Caught on a Train, which had its broadcast premiere on October 31, 1980 when the young actor holding his own opposite Dame Peggy Ashcroft turned just 32 years old.

Do you often ask men on trains home with you?

The morning after Peter suffers the indignity of being forced half-dressed off the train as a suspected terrorist and subsequently attacks Frau Messner for being the cause of his ordeal, his frustration with her throughout his journey seems to have been spent. In his somewhat disheveled state, he seeks out Frau Messner to say goodbye minutes before arriving at his destination and quite cheerfully does her bidding, perhaps because he knows that soon she will be just an unpleasant memory. Then to his great astonishment, she extends an unusual invitation to him.

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