Foyle requires an explanation from his friend, Stephen Beck.

Gorgeous catchlights.

Pop Culture Comfort Food You Can Turn to When You Need a Break From President Trump (

This very British series is a police procedural set in Hastings, England, during World War II. But it’s also about Christopher Foyle (played by the great Michael Kitchen), a good cop and a great man, who always manages to do the right thing, even when bending the rules might seem like the expedient thing to do. A prolonged ode to integrity seems like it might be useful viewing these days.


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  • Laura

    I’ve just decided to rewatch Foyle’s War 🙂


  • Anonymous

    I have just discovered Michael Kitchen’s Foyle & am in love with this detective. We must bring him back!


  • Catherine Scott

    I rewatch episodes all the time, scrolling through so I can concentrate on specific scenes – primarily for the dialogue. It’s so much better than anything on TV now


  • Laura

    Hi again! I hope you won’t give up on this site!
    I’ve just seen “The hanging gale” (as always, by accident, I was just interested in the subject and then.. I saw HIM). Absolutely fantastic. Do you know any other period drama where he appears (apart from “Mrs Dalloway”)?


    • kitchenfoyle

      I don’t think I’ll ever give up on tweaking this site, even though I have given up on anyone paying any attention to it. The Hanging Gale isn’t a film I enjoy revisiting due to the grimness of the subject matter, which is too bad given how absolutely fantastic HE is as Captain Townsend. MK has appeared in a number of other period dramas including A Royal Scandal, Dandelion Dead, Enchanted April, Fall of Eagles, Faraday’s Dream, Fools of Fortune, Freud, Kidnapped, Lorna Doone, Love Song, Oliver Twist, Out of Africa, The Brontës of Haworth, The Browning Version, The Buccaneers, The Railway Children, and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, so if you enjoy seeing him in period roles, there’s no shortage of MK works to choose from. Happy viewing!


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