In his NY Times op-ed, “Green Beer and Rank Hypocrisy”, Fintan O’Toole writes:

…this year’s St. Patrick’s Day jamboree at the White House will be a breathtaking celebration of double standards and the willful forgetting of America’s recent past. Even by the crooked yardstick of the Trump administration, the disconnect is surreal: The president will salute the legacy of one wave of immigrants even as he deploys against other immigrants the same calumnies once heaped upon the Irish.


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  • Anonymous

    thank you for highlighting this article. I do not know of the author but it is such a very well articulated commentary of the situation.

    as always, you are very appreciated for all you do.

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    • kitchenfoyle

      I long ago gave up the notion of having an audience for this site, but it seems you have remained a “follower”, for lack of a better term, despite the vagaries of my posting over the years. Glad to know that you continue to take an interest in what I post and that O’Toole’s excellent piece struck a chord with you as well. Love how Ireland’s prime minister threw shade at Trump’s anti-immigration policies during his visit to the White House.


  • KT

    Belated happy St Patricks day to you, KF. With grateful thanks for turning the spotlight on the hypocrisy if anti-immigrant sentiment everywhere.

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