Sam managed to survive her bout with deadly infectious disease. The rest of us may not be so lucky, given Trump’s determination to cut programs vital to our ability to stem a pandemic, the real threat to national security.


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  • KT

    Your knowledge of the Kitchen canon, and ability to find connections within it to the latest news, never cease to amaze me! I couldn’t agree more on the threat of disease to every nation’s security. It’s not only death from the disease but also the impact an outbreak will have on the availability of food. Disease outbreaks result in closed borders; my country is not alone in importing vast quantities of food.

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    • kitchenfoyle

      It’s thanks to the breadth and relevance of MK’s work that I’m able to use it to comment on the news of the day. Making the connections has helped me cope with the insanity of living under a Trump presidency and has given me renewed purpose in creating posts for this site, as I’d run out of ways to sing MK’s praises. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your singular support, KT.


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