One doesn’t usually think of scientists as devout Christians, but Faraday certainly fell into the category as does the evangelical climate scientist, Katharine Hayhoe, whom I came across in this New Yorker podcast. At the end of the compelling piece when asked how successful she’s been in converting evangelicals skeptical of climate change, Hayhoe responds that “for every one letter or comment or email I get saying, ‘Well, you’re not a real scientist because you’re a Christian,’ I get about a hundred saying, ‘Well, you’re not a real Christian because you’re a scientist.'” I’d like to see them try telling Michael Faraday that science and religion are mutually exclusive. Such abhorrent close-mindedness and antagonism toward scientists make the promotion and popularization of science all the more important.


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  • KT

    The world needs more Katherine Hayhoe. Perhaps she’s one of the bad things Trump is blaming Canada for?

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    • kitchenfoyle

      “The world needs more Katharine Hayhoe.” Amen to that. For the sake of our futures, I do hope she can make inroads with the conservative evangelical Christians in this country who are currently blinded by their hypocrisy. (Why am I not surprised she’s from Canada? 🙂 )


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