Celebrating this Earth Day and the March for Science with Faraday’s Dream (YouTube link via the FWAS), a short drama documentary in which a dreamy Michael Kitchen portrays the brilliant English scientist, Michael Faraday. Released in 1991 in honor of the 200th anniversary of Faraday’s birth (also the year his image was placed on the £20 note that remained in circulation until 2001), the film won the top four awards at the International Science Film Festival.

Were he alive today, the civic-minded Faraday would no doubt be appalled by the Trump administration’s reliance on “alternative facts” and its concerted attack on science and the environment. Alan Hirshfeld, the author of The Electric Life of Michael Faraday, writes in the book’s preface that Faraday was a powerful advocate for “science education and environmental responsibilty,” using his prestige to denounce “the public’s propensity toward superstition and pseudoscience” and to campaign for urban pollution mitigation.

In showcasing the great Victorian scientist’s charisma, good humor, and relentless enthusiasm for scientific exploration and education, Michael Kitchen makes the perfect on-screen Faraday.


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