Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: Jack Harkaway 1Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: Jack Harkaway 2
Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: I knew her

“I was injured in the First War – not very badly – but I was young, alone, frightened. She was a volunteer nurse.”

Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: Your mother was beautiful.Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: James sheds a tear
Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: I knew her.Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: She was married...
Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: nodding

“I can tell you that she was desperately unhappy with the life she was leading – at her happiest when he was away – but chose to pursue that life for the sake of the child she was carrying.”

Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: Andrew Scott: Me.

Foyle reveals his love affair with Caroline Devereaux to her son.

pdx144 said: And I believe, his son also…

Do you think so?  Foyle seems more detached than I imagine a father would be, which makes me think that either he’s not James’s father or he doesn’t know who is. And would Foyle of all men have slept with a married woman?  I don’t know, maybe when he was young and in love, before his marriage to Rosalind “changed everything”, he wasn’t so principled. But still — seems out of character to me.

pdx144 said:

I do think so. He was young, she was his nurse, she took care of him, they fell in love. It was just the way he looked and how he said, “I knew her”.

steviecat said:

Throughout this episode you do begin to suspect Devereaux may be Foyle’s child, but I feel that the final scene makes it clear that she chose to stay in a cruel and loveless marriage for the sake of her child by the very reason he was her husband’s child. Duty above all else, a common thread through the series. Very ‘stiff upper lipped’. Very Foyle. Or as my Aunty Joyce would have said, “She’s made her bed; she’ll have to lie in it,” a stoic whose husband was a Japanese POW during WW2.  I believe Foyle helped the son because he had loved the mother.

And finally, I don’t ship Foyle with anybody. I like the thought of having one love so wonderful that when you lose that person you could never contemplate looking for it with anyone else, which I believe is what the Foyle/Rosalind backstory is all about. After all, she did “change everything”. Now that is mysterious and romantic :)) .

What you’ve written makes complete sense.  I don’t particularly ship Foyle with anyone either given his obvious loyalty to Rosalind, but I do think it would be nice if he had some female companionship (other than Sam) once in a while.  Thanks so much for sending your thoughts.

I’ve since read “The Long Shadow” and I must say dancesabove and jewell wrote an impressively convincing backstory.  Favorite lines in the story: Oh God, please give me control over my body. Please, no sponge bath!  😀

steviecat123 said:

Please no sponge bath! Well I can understand that. I have given a bed bath or two over the years in my career and let me tell you, nothing better to kill romance stone dead for the giver and the receiver. Even if your patient looks like MK ! 😉

Well actually, since this was fanfiction in all its glory, young Christopher was fretting that a sponge bath from a certain pretty nurse would have quite the opposite effect on him!


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